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Catherine Lynch

“I have a very strong passion for learning and growth in my life, and I am so very excited to be starting my nursing studies this month.” These are the words of Catherine Lynch, a young woman with a very big vision!

Born to missionary parents, Catherine has been a volunteer all her life. Although her experiences from being involved in missionary volunteer work have varied greatly, from involvement in early childhood education, to culinary arts, administrational work and personnel management, they have taught her that helping others is an important part of life. This background has created within her a desire to study nursing and use the skills she obtains to help others and be a support to those in need, both physically and spiritually. She says, “I have chosen nursing as my field of study because it is something that I am interested in, that has many options within it, a lot of room to grow in if desired, and it would be very useful in the kind of missionary work I would like to do.”

In response to receiving IROS Scholarships Catherine wrote, “I am very grateful to receive this grant. Learning has always been a huge passion of mine, and being able to go to college now is like a dream come true. Being able to finance my studies is a struggle, and getting this grant is a significant help.

“I am working on my prerequisite studies for either nursing or medical school. I have always wanted to go to medical school, I want to be able to help people with medical care in whatever way I can. I look forward to the future when I can volunteer my services in countries in Africa and other poor parts of the world.