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Outreach Sponsorship Program: Mexico City,Mexico

This Christmas was once again a-buzz with reaching the poor and needy of Mexico City with our message of love and salvation through Jesus. We delivered tons of food, toys, clothing and the joy of Christmas to the San Vicente orphanage, a Home for Blind Girls, an old folks Home and to hundreds of homeless youth on the streets of Mexico City. This year, thanks to Activated Ministries, our outreach was highlighted by having an assortment of free Christmas tapes, CD cards and magazines to give out. Our mission could not afford to buy these materials and we heartily thank Activated Ministries in California for so kindly donating these outreach tools for our use this Christmas.

"Navidad En El Parque"

On December 15 we held a Christmas “Posada” in the amphitheater of the nearby Parque Esparza Oteo. A “posada” is a traditional Christmas event held by a “pueblo” where friends and neighbors come together for Christmas music, skits, food and celebrating Christmas together. Our mission presented an array of songs and dance from other mission homes together with our own MexCity Band and show. At this “posada” we gave away free drinks donated by Pepsi Mexico and cakes and snacks donated by Costco, Mexico. We also gave away the beautiful Christmas tapes and CDs along with Conéctate mags that were donated by Activated Ministries. It turned our to be a beautiful Christmas event attended by nearly 700 that was very much appreciated by our friends and neighbors as well as the homeless poor who live in the same park and to whom we give food daily.

San Vicente Orphanage

At the San Vicente orphanage which houses some 170 orphans and homeless children, we freely gave tapes and CDs to the orphan kids. Many of them had received CD and/or tape players for Christmas and were thrilled to be given an extra Christmas gift of a tape or CD of spirited Christmas music

On Christmas day, we hosted 40 orphans at our mission home for a special Christmas event complete with piñatas, Christmas presents for each child which included a tape or CD. Conéctate magazines donated by Activated Ministries were also freely given to the staff and older children. These color magazines contain life changing articles, photos and artwork that offer guidance to feed the soul and cause spiritual growth. This is the 4th consecutive year that we’ve hosted this event for the orphans on Christmas Day and this year it was special to have the added touch of giving the orphans a free tape and/or CD.

Throughout the Christmas season we delivered food and other necessities to the orphanage while at other times we visited them with songs and inspiration. This year the Lord supplied more abundantly than ever for the orphan kids and Madre Ines , who supervises the orphanage was especially appreciative of our efforts to minister to the orphans at San Vicente this Christmas.

Christmas Visit To Old Folks Home

A team from MexCity Mission paid a Christmas visit to a nearby old folks home, “asilo para ancianos” where they sang and encouraged the older people with Christmas joy and the Christmas message of salvation. Again our team gave away free tapes, CDs and mags provided by Activated Ministries.

Home for Blind Girls

For the second year we visited “Casa Hogar de las Niñas Ciegas Rosa de la Torres”, a home for 29 blind girls. We sang, gave presents and needless to say, because these girls are blind, they were especially appreciative of the songs and the Christmas music tapes and CDs that each of them were given as a Christmas present. Throughout the year we deliver food and other needs to this Home and it was special to sing for them and to offer them audio tapes and CDs this Christma

Thanks Again to Activated Ministries

Again, a heartfelt thanks to Activated Ministries for their kind donation of 477 tapes, 180 CDs, and some 200 Conéctate magazines. Having these tools on hand to give to those in need greatly enhanced our Christmas outreach and witness this year. In addition to the events described above, our mission gave out several thousand Christmas tracts and the materials donated by Activated Ministries to hundreds of poor on the street, from window washers at streetlights, to mothers begging with their children, to young teens and school children who we met along the way this Christmas.