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Making a difference in Johannesburg

Rachel Aird

Born in a dark shack, the roof held on precariously with old junk, leaking in the rains, hot as an oven in the sun and freezing in the winter. Born into a township where more than half of pregnant women are HIV positive, where survival means living for the day and trying not to think about tomorrow. A child thrust from one tiny shack into another, laughingly called a preschool, sandwiched tightly with 50 or more other children, sitting, just sitting all day - hopeless environments where a child mainly learns a tired form of lethargy. Into that environment we bring books, colourful books, stories and pictures and training for the caregivers through the sponsorship of Activated Ministries.

At our 8th annual Christmas party for 1800 such children from 69 (the most ever!) different preschools in the township where we have worked for 14 years we were able to distribute hundreds of books and educational posters to brighten their lives. Reading schemes and Foundation of Faith and Character building sets for preschools for children – giving them an opportunity to expand their horizons and learn and grow in the Christian faith and stretching their ability to learn. Our aim every year is to upgrade these rudimentary preschools with equipment, resources and training, making a difference in thousands of precious little lives. We are very thankful for Activated Ministries Sponsorship helping us to improve the lives of so many desperately needy children, shedding a little light into the darkness of their shacks and a little hope in a hopeless environment.