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Visit to Mustard Seed Children's Home with donated Aurora materials

Daniel McNally

“This year it’s not going to work out to have our annual friendship basketball competition.” This news from Daisy, our long term friend and former Bible student who is now in charge of “Mustard Seed Children’s Home” seemed a bit discouraging as we had just received a whole set of Aurora’s children’s books, poster cards, DVDs and coloring books donated from Activated Ministries. Upon mentioning this new dimension to our visit, Daisy lined up a story telling with one of the younger groups of children. There are approximately 45 orphans in her orphanage, ranging from preschool age until high school.

We had a small team comprising of Danny, Rejoice with her 8 month old daughter Vanessa, and I. The children listened intently as Rejoice did a fantastic job relating the story of the little daisy in the garden who was content to be herself amongst the other discontented trees and flowers. We also sang children’s action songs and hymns, many of which the children knew and happily joined in with.

After the event, Daisy expressed to us her gratitude to Activated Ministries for donating the Aurora Books and materials and how valuable they are in helping to shape these dear one’s characters in teaching them to love the Lord and others. She commented that because these items are Bible based and emanate the warmth of God’s Love, that hopefully though them her orphans can also learn to speak and interact with more love and warmth. She mentioned how she has been so thankful for our visits to the orphanage, (we’ve known and worked together for 10 years) appreciating how we handle the children. Daisy explained that when volunteers from The Family International are with the orphans, she feels the kids are safe and she doesn’t need to worry.

We would like to thank you at Activated Ministries for providing these materials for these dear orphans. You’ve helped our ministry be so much richer! Not only the kids themselves, but Daisy and her staff were very thankful and loved the materials!