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Christmas at the Ibaraki Children’s Hospital, Japan

Hiroshi Kawashima

On December 11th, our volunteers at Helping Hands (a branch of The Family International) visited the Ibaraki Prefect Children’s Hospital to perform our clown show. Our clowns performed skits, sang songs, and played games together with the children at the hospital. The children were thrilled to be visited by our happy and energetic clowns.

After the show, we split into three different teams to go room to room and give away 100 copies of the “The Garden” and “Wobbly Wallace”. Children and parents were very happy and thankful for our visit and for the books which Activated Ministries generously sponsored. We are praying that children will be encouraged by reading these Christian books.

When our shows were over and all the children had received their books, the head of the hospital and other directors asked us to come back and visit again. We’re excited about visiting these wonderful children in the future. Thank you, Activated Ministries, for making it possible for us to give away our books free of charge to these very appreciative little ones.