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Hoa Ran Senior Citizen Center

Jay Tarpy

Hands of Love volunteers were able to participate in a charity event sponsored the Rotary Club in Taipei and held at the Hao Ran Seniors Citizen Center in Taipei County. The Family volunteers and their children put together some performances including a clown magic show, singing, and dancing.Through the sponsorship of the Activated Ministries, each of the attendees received a beautiful Mottos for Success calendar containing a quote or proverb for each day as well as beautiful music CD cards donated to the foundation. Joyce, our friend and manager of a popular seafood restaurant in town kindly prepared mango pudding for all the attendees and volunteers to enjoy.

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to share some of God’s love and joy with these senior citizens - many of whom don’t get to see their own family’s very often and really appreciate a little love and attention. Jesus tells us in the Bible that as Christians we are His hands to help others, His mouth to give encouragement and His feet to bring His love to the sad and lonely hearts here on this earth. Thank you, Activated Ministries, for being a part of our team and for making it possible for us to accomplish this mission in Taiwan through your sponsorship of these beautiful and inspirational products.