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Time to Celebrate The End of Another School Term!

The end-of-term party is commonly celebrated in schools in Uganda. It means a lot to the children to celebrate this milestone with games, dancing, singing, receiving awards, and getting a feast of goat, rice and soda! We really thanked God together for keeping us safe and providing for us wonderfully through the whole term

A day full of fun and games are in order. Volleyball is as popular as football among the boys and girls, but leap frog, musical chairs and tug of ware all run a close second. These kids know how to have fun!

Part of the End of Term celebration is the award ceremony. Children are awarded not only on academics, but on kindness, being cleanly dressed, improving the most etc.

The children love getting attention and recognition as they receive their Certificates of Appreciation while the rest of the school looks on and applauds their efforts.

Our newly arrived Ik pupils all got A’s this semester, which is amazing considering the abject poverty these children are coming from. These wonderful young people from the Ik tribe are so intelligent and work hard to get good grades!

As evening moves in, the flag lowering ceremony with children taking it very seriously.