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Snakes and Malaria

The children are all now back and Term 2 has just began. You can see the boys here slashing the grass at dawn, (when it’s easiest) as rainy season has begun. It rains mostly at night while days are hot and sunny—a perfect mix when the grass is so rich and green, yet the day is conducive to studies, work on the farm and play. Please pray with us against snake bites and malaria as both are now kicking in at this time of the year. Michael was working in the farm last Wednesday and fell and fainted. Then on Thursday, we were both out buying maize (we bought 1 ton at the original cheap price which was a total miracle!) when he sat down suddenly, so weak he could hardly move. We tested him and found he had malaria, so medicated him and thankfully in 4 days he is now back to normal! By the way, if any of you are friends with me on Facebook, this was the time when we ate the termites. =) They are a very common treat here and when salted and fried they’re quite OK. =) ha! If you’re not friends on Facebook already, you might like to keep up with the news by friending—Robin Yamaguchi1   -- the 1 has to be there because someone in San Francisco with the same name beat me to it. =) Anyway, thank you so much for your prayers against snakes and mosquitos!!