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Home for the Holidays!

Starting this school year, the Family Care Uganda School welcomed 12 students from the IK tribe.  This disadvantaged tribe is very remote and their language is quite unique. Back in 2005 and 2006, we worked with several teams to take 5 hours of audio Bible stories in their language, to the top of the mountains. They begged us to bring some of their children to our school as they just had no hope of excelling academically. The 12 Ik students who have attended our school for the last year have adjusted beautifully and are doing very well academically. I just brought them home for the holidays. We took 2 large bags of oranges with us and the children were thrilled as fruit is such a rarity for them. In one of the pictures is Geoffrey, our top-scoring boy, shares oranges with each of his friends.  In another of the pictures, a beautiful Ik girl--the sister of one of our students is so happy to have her brother home for the holidays, and a very happy mommy welcoming 2 of her sons back for the holidays!