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Christmas in the Sierras

This Christmas we hosted two large Christmas events for the poor in our area: one at the food kitchen where we have donated food for the last three years in the nearby Sierra mountains, and another for our local Bible study group in our little village. We’re very grateful to Activated Ministries for sponsoring the Christian books, posters, tracts, tapes, CD's and magazines that we distributed at these events.

Christmas at the free food kitchen

400 children and 200 mothers received donated toys, food, clothing, shoes, snacks, pinatas, candies, warm blankets and children’s Christian books, magazines, posters and music tapes, along with our music, magic and puppet show!

Two mission centers joined efforts to bring about the best Christmas ever for them - full of Christmas love, music and joy. Eight other friends also participated with us as volunteers, helping to distribute the snacks as well as bags of toys clothes and goodies for all. Our friends also participated in a dress-up skit about the birth of Jesus, read from the Bible, called the “pastorela”, which is a tradition here in Mexico.

One highlight was distributing donated warm blankets to all the families. Some sweet grandmothers suggested they give their blankets to their handicapped friends who were not able to attend. When we counted how many that would be, we realized that the 10 blankets we had purposely saved aside “just in case” for cases such as this, were exactly the amount needed for the handicapped in the mountain area.

The 12 kitchen volunteer cooks were also rewarded with special gift bags. It was extra rewarding to pray with all 600 attendees for the best Christmas gift ever – eternal life with Jesus in Heaven!

Christmas at the Barrio

We hosted a similar event for our local village Bible study group where we donated food, toys and Christian materials to 50 children and 70 mothers.

Our Bible study group has been receiving monthly classes for three years now and our yearly Christmas event is something they greatly anticipate and appreciate! Four young friends joined the 16 missionary members at our center to help us to bring about a meaningful and fun-filled Christmas event. We sang and danced with the children, distributed the materials, and all the children enjoyed the piñata and other games, headed up by our volunteers.

A very special thanks to Activated Ministries for their generous donation of books, posters, tracts, tapes, CDs and magazines for these Christmas events. You’ve helped make Christmas 2007 a very special one for these precious children andtheir families.