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Activated Philippines - Outreach Sponsorship Program

Dear Activated Ministries,

God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing in sharing God’s Word with the World & helping make it possible for us to do the same! We are writing to thank you once again for your generous donation of $1500 for “Activated Philippines”, a project of “The Channel of Hope, Inc”., which has enabled us to start our “Activated Philippines” Mail Ministry. With these funds we have been able to purchase a new computer, laser printer, UPS stabilizer, electronic mail scale, labels, envelopes and other office supplies, which we use to process the subscriptions we receive each month. It also financed the printing of testimonials, subscription & receipt cards, which our distributors use on a daily basis and that we provide from our office for our distributors at no cost.

In addition, we used some of your gift for the rental charges to open a PO Box and our monthly email account to service our subscribers, as well as purchasing two desks and two office chairs for our office, and shelves and other office furniture needed by our shipping dept. to store and keep track of our magazines. We now have our operation up and running to be able send out our monthly mailings of the beautiful and spiritually feeding Activated magazines. Since we started our operation here in Manila, the Philippines, we have seen our subscriptions increase about 100 monthly to over 300 subscriptions in the first 3 months, and at this rate we hope to be sending out over 1000 magazines a month within the year to this very fruitful and hungry mission field. Many people have commented on how much they enjoy the magazines and what a big change it has made in their lives, & have begun sharing His Word with others. We can see the fulfillment of the Lord’s promise to “make disciples of all nations” as we “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

We have subscribers now from as far south as Davao, on the island of Mindanao, up to several thousand miles north, in Baguio. So we are seeing that people from every province and even those of other faiths are subscribing to our magazine, the fruit of your gift to our work here. Our project also services over eight bases of missionaries who help us to solicit the monthly subscriptions and follow up on many of the subscribers. From our office we have hosted “Activated Seminars”, where we brainstorm different methods of how to Activate our friends and supporters and share tips and testimonies with our different missionary bases who work side by side on our project. Just recently at our last meeting we had representatives who attended not only from the greater Metro Manila area but also from Baguio in the north and Cebu in the Visayas Islands, as well as from other outlying cities. At this seminar we also discussed the Follow up of our subscribers, how to give Bible classes to our friends and other church growth and missionary outreach topics, which has been a big help to our missionaries to not only teach and learn from each other but to inspire us in our work of reaching this needy country with the full gospel of Jesus Christ.

Again thank you so much for your gift in helping make it possible for us to get all of this going, and we hope you enjoy the testimonials we are attaching from enthusiastic and thankful readers of this magazine.

Greg & Lynda Harrop for
Activated Philippines,
A Project of Channel of Hope, Inc.

From Activated readers in the Phillipines This magazine is like a magnet. When I received my first issue I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up till 2 am reading it over & over.
—Helen, Director, Department of Health

My mission is to help young men get off of the streets and into productive jobs. I use the Activated magazine and related materials as the basis for my character-building classes.”
— Vernon, Project Manager for ‘Corvette Foundation’

I have never read anything with this much depth. The words go straight to the heart.
—Mel, Spa Owner

I used the two Christmas stories in the December Activated issue for our Sunday school’s plays. We won both first & second prize!
— Rowena, photo shop Manager

It doesn’t matter if I read the Activated magazine as soon as it arrives or if I wait till I have time—it still says exactly what I need at the moment.
— Jesse, feed store owner

I am now in the middle of my second year Activated subscription. My work is totally involved with handling people—their needs and problems. Being a Christian I base my answers on the Bible. So far all of the solutions I need are in the simple but deep Bible studies your magazine has to offer.
— Renee, administrator of retirement home

I have two subscriptions to ‘Activated’. One for home and one for my office at my shop because sooner or later without fail someone takes it home with them.”
— Wen, book store owner

I enjoy the magazine because it is so full of life.
— Amante, part time actor

Each article is so captivating. It fills your heart yet leaves you wanting more from the next issue.
— Noel, computer graphics designer

Short and to the point. Exactly what I need to keep me spiritually uplifted through my busy days.
— Yolly, business manager

One day I came home and found my wife reading the Activated magazine and crying. When I asked her what was wrong she answered, “Nothing is wrong, just everything is so right. I had such a hard day, but when I read ‘From Jesus With Love’ on the back, He was speaking to me and He really does love me!’”
— Ben, shop owner

I like Activated because it makes Jesus so simple. Now I feel He really is my friend.
— Ann, student

Before regularly reading the Activated magazine I never realized how much a part of my life Jesus could be.”
— Rey, engineer

These little capsules of Word I get throughout the day from reading the Activated magazine are exactly what I need in helping me keep the love and patience for the children in my care.
— Diane, daycare operator

I subscribed to Activated more than a year ago. I have acquired most of your products for my children as they have such an incredible effect on them. When I first got ‘Sweet Dreams Tonight’, my kids usually wouldn’t let me go to work and kept crying; then one day before I left I played it for them, and they became more peaceful. Recently my husband disappeared for a while and I didn’t have a clue what had happened to him. It was one of the most difficult times of my life. I asked you for desperate prayer for my husband, and for me and my kids. It was through those most difficult days of my life that I found comfort in the Lord’s reassuring Word. Activated played a very important role to that end. The articles became alive and talked to me, giving me faith and assurance that He is always there for me--always watching--and that I could place my total trust in Him without a shadow of a doubt. Thank you for this wonderful privilege. After a month of what seemed an endless eternity, the Lord answered my prayers and my husband contacted me from his relatives in a far province, where he’d been reconsidering our marriage & lifestyle. After another month of reconciliation & heart-to-heart communications, we are now together again. Thank you for your prayers and being there for me when I most needed it. I am very thankful to have Activated magazines. Now I am endorsing you to all my friends and relatives. God bless!
— Yvonne

I read from the first page to the last page of an Activated magazine and cried all the way through. It was the Lord’s Spirit that moved me. It’s an excellent magazine that is suitable for everybody. I want to be God’s salesman to help get out God’s Word!
— Jimmy