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Giving the Greatest Christmas Gift

Carmen Gutierrez

We have had a busy Christmas season distributing our Christian materials and witnessing, but we were able to balance it with some performances, road trips and a food distributing program feeding 125 poor families. One of our local friends wanted us to help him with a “Feeding the Poor” Christmas project that he had done in the past, which he wanted to start doing again as a gift of thankfulness to Jesus. We agreed to send some of our volunteers to help out and we were able to help with a lot of the preparation, including getting the food together and bagging the rice, beans, potatoes, onions, sugar, flour, chocolate, oil, chicken, potato chips, pasta, juice…. Enough to make a nice Christmas dinner!

We spent a couple hours preparing bags for 125 families and then had a convoy of three pick up trucks driving to the farthest outskirts of Tijuana where a lot of people live in 3x5 meter houses in a poor isolated area accessible only by a dirt road. People were very thankful for the free food and the message of love we gave. We passed out the poster “The Man of Love” and about 150 people received Jesus as their Savior. Our friends were very happy with our help as although they have done the food distribution other years, this is the first time that they were able to combine the physical help with spiritual encouragement and the greatest Christmas gift of all – salvation!