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Sending Comfort to Tsunami Victims

To all those at Activated Ministries,

I want to again thank you for your kind offer to help with the costs of the various inspirational and enriching audio and visual materials as well as the uplifting printed Word for the tsunami victims and survivors in Phuket.

Truly the Lord has opened miraculous doors to minister to many in Phuket and most notably many of the orphans of the tsunami through several of the orphanages set up for them as well as in many of the schools in the affected area. Just recently a team traveled to Phuket to distribute sets of Treasure Attic videos as well as VCDs to approximately 25 orphanages and schools along with Interactive CDs and Children’s music CDs. Also since the end of December, in the course of ministering to numerous tsunami survivors, the teams have distributed hundreds of Activated magazines as well as hundreds of Motivated Magazines and literally thousands of posters and tracts with a message of peace and comfort. Those who received these materials and words of comfort have been extremely appreciative. The teams have all been very well received and have been encouraged by local officials to re-turn as often as possible.

Once again thank you so much for your offer to help with the funding of these materials distributed as well as your many prayers for our ministry to the tsunami survivors in Phuket. We appreciate it so much.

Very sincerely,
Mr. Guy Desruisseaux