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Activated magazines as English-teaching aids in South Africa

June Halliday

We’d like to offer special thanks to Activated Ministries for sponsoring the Activated kids magazines to our work here in Pretoria, South Africa! We distributed the beautiful color magazines to the children in our after-school program at Stanza Bopape Community Development Centre and the reception was wonderful.

Each child received their very own copy of the magazine. Our volunteers shared the stories with the children in English, and a very animated translator put it into the children’s native language. Most of the children do read and understand English, but we usually work with translators as the younger children are still learning English at school. So the magazines are an aid to them in practicing their English language skills as well. After the story the children worked on the art projects and activities in the magazine. The children treasure these gifts as they very seldom get something as special and beautiful as these magazines.