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Christmas programs for the poor and disabled in Baja California

James Smith

Activated Baja volunteers jumped into the Christmas season to make Jesus' birthday a special and memorable occasion for many poor and disabled children in Baja California. In cooperation with the DIF of Ensenada, we put together a program for special needs children (physically and mentally challenged, deaf, and blind), who came with their parents and teachers. After a presentation from the DIF, the Activated Baja volunteers took over the entertainment with free balloons, face-painting, Christian educational booklets, music CDs,and cupcakes for all!

We also participated on the entertainment committee for the Ensenada City celebration for children. During the Kings Day period we gave free clothing to local charity institutions, visited a needy church in the surrounding hill area of Ensenada to give presents to the many children of working poor parents, and delivered clothing and presents to an orphan home that houses children during the interim periods in custody cases.

Special thanks to Activated Ministries who sponsored the books and CD’s that we freely distributed during our programs. Many were touched and told us that our efforts made this Christmas season a time of peace and joy for them.