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7 Children, 10 Shows, 250 souls saved

Ava Martin

“Our goal is to pray with 250 people to receive Jesus into their heart’s this Christmas!” was the children’s declaration. There were seven children in our Christmas caroling group and they figured out that since we had ten Christmas shows lined up, if each one prayed with four people at each show, then we would make our goal! The children were bursting with enthusiasm. We sang at three daycare centers, one fire station, and six retirement homes. As each show came to a close the children grabbed the Activated magazines and music CD’s and raced into the audience to pray with people. The adults who enjoyed the shows were very impressed with the kid’s zeal. We received comments from the audience such as “It is so refreshing to see that light in their faces!” and “This is the best thing that has happened to me this Christmas!” One gentleman told me “You’ve got a preacher there! That’s the first time that I’ve heard Jesus preached to me in a prayer!” At the end of the Christmas season, the children had reached their goal of praying with 250 people!

We’re very thankful to Activated Ministries for donating the CD’s, Activated magazines, and posters that our kids distributed at these events. It was a priceless experience to see their joy and enthusiasm for performing and giving to others during the Christmas season, thank you for making it possible.