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Showing Survivors of the 2011 Japan Tsunami They Are Not Forgotten

The enormous earthquake and subsequent tsunami that flattened large portions of the coast in Northern Japan in 2011 was a big deal when it happened. Millions of dollars of disaster relief and aid flowed in, volunteers were on hand to help and governments vowed to rebuild and restore devastated areas. Now, over 2 years later, the volunteers are mostly gone, worldwide attention is focused on the latest unfolding disasters and troubled situations and, sadly, many families and individuals who lost everything are still living in temporary housing waiting for their lives to be rebuilt. Volunteers with Project Phoenix were among some of the first volunteers to visit refugees. Having witnessed firsthand everything that survivors have endured, they are determined to stay on and continue to do what they can to restore spirits and help build morale amongst survivors. Here is a report on one of their recent visits. Keep up the good work, Project Phoenix!