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New Updates from the Saharaui Refugee Mission

New updates just in from Jose, Maria and the Haciendo Un Mundo Mejor team in Spain who organize an annual mission to nearly 5000 Saharaui refugees in the Sahara Desert. Although we didn't include their 16 page report of all their desert adventures, this time around these guys really had be persistent to get this mission off the ground. Shortly prior to their departure date, foreign aid workers were kidnapped in another part of the country which made it difficult for them to get approval and visas for their mission. With a whole lot of prayer power and a lot of special "angels" along the way who helped pave the way, they were able to make the trip and pull off their mission. Keep this team in your prayers as they continue to minister to these forgotten bedouin camps. Click here to read more about it and, if you want to help them out, your donations to Activated Ministries make this project possible.