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Nepal Earthquake Relief!

"We founded the Family Voluntary Services of Nepal in September 1995 and we've been serving the beautiful people of Nepal ever since. In 2008 my personal family had to leave due to health issues for my wife and educational needs for my children-- and my then assistant, Evangeline (Lily) Neve, took over the project management and has been faithfully serving ever since, day in & out-- not come & go weekly mission trips, but living & giving 24/7 full-time for almost 20 yrs now!

They have the grass-roots programs and local volunteers already at work. Lily knows the people, she feels the pain & sees the needs first-hand, and she knows what to do about it! Please help her to help them in their distress. The majority of the suffering people of Nepal  don't wear western clothes nor eat western food, so please don't waste your money sending boxes, they need local clothing, rice & lentils, water, tents, blankets, & first-aid supplies, the basics.

And when the after-shocks subside, they will start the slow & laborious process of re-building homes & businesses--plans are already being made and materials are being gathered. Nepalese are a resilient people, helping one another, and already clearing the land as they mourn. Please give money directly to the source now when the need is greatest. Thank you!"

To donate now, click here. All donations received for the Nepal Earthquake Relief will go directly to Family Volunteer Services Nepal.