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It's a New Year!

2013, We Are Happy to Greet You! 

As we were saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new, we took a little time to review the major events, progress and milestones of 2012 here at Activated Ministries. So many things we are grateful for!

We saw another year full of giving to missions and projects both at home in the US and abroad. Since our giving is dependent on the donations we receive, we are so thankful each year for every one of you who played a part in some way --whether with goods, volunteer time or financial contributions: You have helped make each project possible. Visit our Projects page to see the great things sponsored through the Missionary Support Program in 2012, and be inspired! Things like Project Cartwheel in Namibia, Values in Education in India, the Healing Hearts Educational Program in Kosovo,Project Gulu in Uganda, and more. AM was also able to provide further assistance to local aid and relief organizations in Japan who have continued their relief efforts to survivors of the tragic Japan Tsunami of 2010. Take a minute to see what these dedicated folks in the field have done and it is guaranteed to lift your hearts and spirits.

Our local efforts in Southern California included donations of boxes of shoes and clothing to local homeless shelters, missions and shelters for battered women including St. Clare’s Home for Women and Children in San Diego, Brother Bennos in Oceanside and Solutions for Change in Escondido. We also worked with the DIF and grassroots projects inEnsenada, Mexico to help needy kids there.

We are always excited about the In Recognition of Service Scholarships program that provides financial assistance to the children of missionaries around the globe who are pursuing post-secondary or college educations. 55 scholarships were awarded to those who participated in this international program in 2012. 

We believe in helping the whole man: Body, Mind and Spirit, and along with the humanitarian and educational efforts, we promote a spiritual ministry that ministers via books, magazines, music, daily emails, monthly devotional and inspirational mailings to those hungry to fill the part of their spirits that longs for understanding and to understand, to touch the Creator and be touched by His love. 2012 was a wonderful year touching loves and connecting hearts, and we look forward to 2013 like never before. The world, in many ways, has grown dark –and so the light of God’s love shines brighter each day, and more seek His presence and need His guidance.

We are excited about what 2013 will bring and are grateful for the opportunity to work with you in changing the world one project, one mission or one life at a time. A big Shout Out and “Thank You!” to each of you who made our ministry possible, whether through your financial donations and contributions, donations of vehicles or other goods and materials, volunteer hours or through your prayers and encouragement. We couldn’t have done it without you and look forward to another successful year ahead! 

So keep in touch and enjoy the ride with us on Activated Ministries' Facebook,   Twitter and Pinterest. See you there!