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Happy Mother's Day to Women Making a Difference!

Happy Mother’s Day for those celebrating today, and for those celebrating this weekend. And we want to give a big SHOUT OUT to some of those women who are operating programs that benefit needy children, who run schools and educational programs, or oversee orphanages. These amazing women are spreading their motherly love around to tens of thousands of children through their efforts and providing these little ones with a love and care that only someone with a mother’s heart can give.  Keep up the good work! You’re an example to us all!



Robin and Malaika and the awesome teachers with Family Care Uganda run a school and children’s home in Gulu for orphans and children affected by the horrible violence in Uganda.  This year has been especially busy for these amazing moms. They are nearing completion of a new school with 3 school buildings, 9 classrooms and adjacent staff housing which will benefit hundreds of children.


Esther, who for over 17 years, has opened her home to hundreds of orphans in Durban, South Africa during the Christmas season. The Orphan Christmas Camps she hosts combine a variety of special activities, performances and educational and character building classes as she does her best to make the Christmas season special for these little ones. As the number of children participating in these events has grown, Esther has expanded this event to be a three day camp at a larger venue where hundreds of orphans have the opportunity to get away from home and enjoy sporting events, activities, talent shows and time to have fun and just be kids.


Ann, called to reach the children of Cambodia where over 41% of the population of 12.5 million are under the age of 14, makes regular trips into Cambodia to bring supplies and materials to the many orphanages and schools in this poverty stricken nation.



Carina, in India, together with a dedicated team of educators and professionals, has developed a value’s-based curriculum and teacher training called Values In Education. Carina and the VIE staff have long been concerned that while there are many great educational programs which focus on the academic side, there is a lack of materials available to teach our children important, life long values like empathy, caring for others and honesty. Carina and her team spend their time traveling  to schools, preschools, children’s homes and ministries for street children around India to donate the curriculums and accompanying materials. They also host workshops and training seminars to teach teachers, parents and those caring for the children the value of the program and how best to use the material.  This program has benefited thousands of children in India so far and is going strong. Keep up the good work, ladies!




Isabelle at Patrocino un Libro (Sponsor a Book) has devoted the past 5 years to building a program which puts educational and values based books in the hands of poor Mexican children who otherwise would not have access to these materials.  Isabelle travels tirelessly to remote villages, Indian tribes, hospitals and needy neighborhoods to get these books into the hands of the families and children who need them the most. Patricino un Libro has distributed over 75,000 children’s books in its five years of operation. Way to go, Isabelle and team!



Melissa with Sponsor a Book Africa has likewise made it her mission to get books and educational materials into the hands of African children. It’s not easy getting anything shipped to or within Africa. You have to fight each step of the way to make sure your precious cargo gets from the distribution center into the hands of the little ones who can benefit from the printed word. Good job, Melissa and team.


These are just a few of the amazing women we are proud to support through our Missionary Support Grants Program at Activated Ministries. For more information on these programs or to donate to the cause, click here to find out more.