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Great Adventures - Making Bible Lessons Fun for Kids

Want a fun, simple way to give your children ages 3-10 a basic knowledge of key Bible stories and characters? Check out the “Great Adventures” audio CD set designed to walk your kids through the key Bible stories using a mix of child narration and storytelling and fun, catchy Bible songs.

Great Adventures Part 1 starts with the Story of Creation and ends with Nehemiah standing his ground as he rebuilds Jerusalem. Great Adventures Part 2 kicks off with the story of Job and ends with the Story of Jesus and his sacrifice for us.  This CD series is Great for car rides, playtime and more. Your kids will be learning all about the Bible without you even trying.  Each CD is an hour long and is available in both English and Spanish.


If your child prefers a more visual learning method, they will love the fast paced, fun filled Treasure Attic DVD entitled Fantastic Journey and Forever Friend, with 2 half hour episodes combining the favorite songs and stories from the Great Adventures Audio CDs with lively dramatization and storytelling. 

Treat your child to a Bible learning adventure today! Who knows? You might learn a thing or two as well or at least find yourself humming along to the catchy tunes.