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End of the Year Party at the Project Gulu School

So what does an End of the Year Christmas Party look like for the staff and kids at the Family Care Uganda school in Gulu? Believe it or not, toys or presents aren't a very big part of most Acholi celebrations, Christmas included. Most celebrations center around good food and dancing... and this party was no exception!  Here are some pictures of the food prep and of everyone having a great time eating together, followed by lively Acholi dancing and dancing to popular African music.  The kids lose their shyness when it comes to dancing. Rhythm is in their bones and everyone joins us when there's a party in the house.  A special thank you to each one who has donated or contributed either financially or by your prayers in making this past school year a success! 

It takes some mighty big pots for our crew.

Many hands make light work!


Party time!