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Values In Education Highlights - 2014

 This project continues to grow steadily month by month and year by year so that the VIE network database today consist of 58 educational organizations and schools, and with a total of 19,876 children who have been reached to-date!

Girls School in Hyderabad Gets First Library of 2015

396 children have benefited from our first Library delivery of 2015! A Girls School in Hyderabad is a free English language instruction school for economically underprivileged girls.

Along with the library we conducted a workshop which provided training to 14 teachers, supporting them to use and better understand the curriculum and library contents. The educational center was so very happy with the workshop and are excited to use our library to impart quality education to the children they serve.

Check out their 2013 Video Update

Values in Education is rocking out! Check out their 2013 Video Promo to get a glimpse of the impact they are having on the lives of thousands of Indian children! A big thank you to all of our donors who have helped us sponsor the Values in Education by donating to this project over the past year. You are making a difference!

Activated Ministries Sponsors 22 Values Libraries for 5000 Indian Children

Many, many thanks to Activated Ministries for helping to make 2013 another successful year as well as my trip to India all possible, sponsoring 22 libraries and administration cost to manage the expenses, pay for travel, invest in development and outreach. Despite setbacks and geographical changes, 2013 poses to be one of VIE’s best years yet, with the efforts continuing on through the first few months of 2014. Our target reach for the 22 libraries sponsored continues to stand at more than 5,000 children, which will bring our total documented stats to 20,000 children. Exciting!

Mr. Clown Professor lands in Bangalore, India

More than 8 schools so far have been targeted by “Mr. Clown professor”, who entertains kids in Bangalore, India, and brings in valuable lessons to the classroom. Most of the kids who attend come from slums and families in crisis who have a hard time not only attending, but giving attention to the problems they face.

Values in Education - Program Updates - 2012

Since 2009 Values in Education (VIE), a holistic educational program for moral, character and social development for preschool and primary school aged children has reached out to impact a documented 11,520 children.

Family Services India – Outreach Sponsorship

Since December of 2005, when the Tsunami lashed the coastal areas of Asia, we have been able to provide 48 villages in the affected areas and coastal towns with aid in the form of food, clothing, and basic supplies as well as other relief items, which were desperately needed. Since that time, our teams have continued to work in the villages in Tamil Nadu that were affected, and are helping to rehabilitate the villages and families who suffered and aid them in getting back on their feet. Over 100 boats were distributed to fishermen who had lost everything and had no means to earn a living.

Educational materials to over 7,000 children in India

Mark and Carina Hanson

Reema is a 9 year old girl who spent most of her life as a rag picker. Though she now goes to school, the struggles in her past are hard to forget. In the hope of a brighter future she tries hard to concentrate on her studies, but learning to read is especially difficult. “I can’t do it” is most often what her teachers hear.