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Family Care Uganda

Family Care Uganda is a team of full-time, non-salaried volunteers. FCU has been registered in Uganda for 10 years and their main focus is establishing a fully self-sustained project for orphans in Gulu who were born to child soldiers during the war. They are developing a horticultural farm, building housing and a school for the children, and hope to bring alternative ideas for poverty eradication to the local communities in the area.

FCU is developing a fully self-sustainable project by building a farm into the school in order to help the school become economically self-reliant. In addition to academic training and sports, the students will also be taught animal husbandry and farming - allowing them to contribute to the sucess of the school and broaden their skill set.


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Recent Events

Christmas in February

Check out this bundle of hand-knitted Teddies, hand knitted with love by a friend in the UK and carefully transported by other friends on their long journey to Kampala, Uganda. Next step... the Swahili Teddies will be loaded onto my motorbike and transported up to northern Uganda. These special knitted teddies will be a wonderful surprise for the children, many of whom have never owned a stuffy, when the children start their new school term in February. 

  Read more about Christmas in February

Gulu Kids Summer Vacation Highlights

We really want to give extra thanks to each of you this month. The trip our older kids were able to take, was absolutely life-changing. Remembering where they have lived all their lives with the most horrible war, some in the pure bush with parents killed and with different guardians putting them to work, they really had no hope but to continue in endemic poverty. That is, until you and we came along, by God’s grace! Read more about Gulu Kids Summer Vacation Highlights

June Updates from Gulu

Permanent housing for our kiddos:  We’ve had a lot of challenges since starting and each and every one has come with its unique, inspiring, wonderful solution. Our current biggest push is to build beautiful housing for our dear kiddos. The next building is really coming along—built a lot by prayers, making our own bricks, donations of cement, sand, aggregate rock and other materials from friends and people in the area. We are hoping to build 4 such buildings so please do pray with us for the Lord’s miraculous continued supply. Read more about June Updates from Gulu

Please Pray for Protection!

For those of you who pray, we have a group of armed gunmen who have been roaming our area robbing people. There are only 3 places of development within a very large area--Father John's mission, the Health center 4 and us. Thanks for praying for our protection. We're changing from a bow-and-arrow guard to one with a gun, but the Bible says "Unless the Lord watches the house, the watchman stays awake in vain" so thanks for praying for the safety of our project and our beautiful kids and staff. Thanks! Read more about Please Pray for Protection!

Snakes and Malaria

The children are all now back and Term 2 has just began. You can see the boys here slashing the grass at dawn, (when it’s easiest) as rainy season has begun. It rains mostly at night while days are hot and sunny—a perfect mix when the grass is so rich and green, yet the day is conducive to studies, work on the farm and play. Please pray with us against snake bites and malaria as both are now kicking in at this time of the year. Michael was working in the farm last Wednesday and fell and fainted. Read more about Snakes and Malaria