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Family Discipleship Training Program 2009

Dan Roselle

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your help in sponsoring the 2009 Discipleship Training Program, which was a huge success.

The FDTP (Family Discipleship Training Program) is a course that focuses on the study of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. This year’s event was held in Texas during the month of October.

This program is created for high-school students, to help them fully understand the meaning of missionary life and all that it entails and is designed to provide the necessary training and give them a clear understanding of the level of dedication, determination and professionalism required to be a successful missionary.

The program’s primary focus is on how to apply the teachings in the Bible to our modern day living, for those that want to be modern-day missionaries. The FDTP is a fantastic program that not only provides text-book studies but the dedicated teachers also give assimilation quizzes, live examples and testimonies, vocational training and multi-media supplements.

The goals of FDTP

Spiritual Life: To deepen attendees’ understanding of the Christian faith as well as challenge and motivate them to be inspired and active in their missionary life. Practical Life: To provide the opportunity for quality vocational training, hands on experience and communication skills which will assist them in choosing their vocations and excel in them.

The FDTP takes each teenager through different courses which consist of a series of classes, vocational training, workshops, open forums, discussion groups, personal counseling, field trips, and hands-on experience and activities. It is designed to be a time of learning and spiritual renewal to make progress in becoming a missionary.

There was a lot of material given in the classes and workshops. During each session, they received over 80 hours of classroom instruction and practical workshops as well as personal mentoring time with their counselors. Topics included in those hours of instruction were continuing education, spiritual qualities of a disciple, praise, prayer, honesty, integrity, financial responsibility, banking, witnessing, public speaking, resumes, conflict resolution, love for others, spiritual warfare, loyalty, faithfulness, home life, social etiquette, faith, the Word of God, personal accountability, worldwide missionary activities, adaptability, living in community, and much more.

The events had a tremendous impact on the attendees and many of them have testified how the training and input they received at FDTP has improved their lives and clarified their vision.

We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the time you invested and sacrifices you made to help make the FDTP successful.

Reactions by attendees:

I really liked how a strong spirit of love and support and camaraderie prevailed at the FDTP. It was encouraging and thrilling to partake of, and it significantly impacted my life. I am inspired and motivated by all of you who told me that you had faith in me and who gave such sincere appreciation. It really helps me even today to be the best that I can be and to persevere through tough times because I don't want to let you down, and because I know that you'd be proud of me if you were here. That's inspired and helped me more than I can say.

The classes, open forums, and discussions were a tremendous wealth of information and wisdom, which was especially valuable and applicable because most of it was based on the personal experience of the counselors, teachers, and attendees.

I think the best thing I gained from the FDTP was a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus. It's hard to put this realization into words, but I guess I could say it comes from having much more faith in Jesus' love for me and realizing how real, tangible, and relatable it is. He's become much more real to me and my times with Him are much more precious and alive and valuable to me personally so much so that I don't want to ever give them up. -- Mike

Classes, relaxed environment, and the small groups made it easy to get to know people and become friends. -- Cathy

I loved the class about Discipleship! For me it was a real eye-opener to all the potential I actually have. I've always kind of been an "excuse me for living" kind of person, but it was convicting for me to stand up more for Jesus and to witness more boldly without fear of others opinions. -- Nathalie

The FDTP showed me what it takes to be the Lord’s disciple. It showed me, in more depth, that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to be your best for the Lord. It’s tough to get out there and do what we do but in the end, it is all more than worth it. -- Jessica

FDTP helped me understand that whatever trials or obstacles you faced in the past and that you learned a lesson through can be a help to someone else, and helps you be understanding. It gave me more vision and ideas of ways I could be helping others and serving the Lord to the full. -- Sara