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Orphan Christmas camps, South Africa

For 17 years, Esther McGinley has been opening her home to hundreds of orphans in Durban, South Africa during the Christmas season. In recent years, she has moved the venue and expanded the event to a three-day camp for hundreds of children. Many of the grown children now assist with the running of the camp. Activated Ministries has been proud to be a sponsor of these wonderful Christmas events.

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Recent Events

Mabhida - Daycamp for Orphans | Sponsored by Activated Ministries

Our “Big Day at Mabhida” in July was fun for all. 130 children got to go to the awesome Moses Mabhida stadium for a fun filled day. The kids enjoyed a sky ride on the arch, a tour of the stadium as well as a special treat were they also got to see the famous Manchester city play as guests of the club.

Opening our home to orphans for Christmas, South Africa

Esther McGinley

It was our 17th Christmas here in Durban, South Africa, and we invited underprivileged children from the area to a Christmas camp. There are so many children waiting to attend these camps: specifically children who have no one else to take them for this special time in the year. I think all of us can agree that Christmas is a time for families to be together, a time we remember year after year – so for these children we became their family.