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Check Out The Latest Updates from Project Gulu...

Have you been keeping up with the latest from Family Care Uganda's Project Gulu and their newly completed home and school for war orphans? If not, why not take a few minutes this weekend to catch up on the latest. Robin Yamaguchi and her dedicated team of staff, teachers, volunteers and donors have been working hard to get the new structures up and running and all that hard work's paying off.

Great Adventures - Making Bible Lessons Fun for Kids

Want a fun, simple way to give your children ages 3-10 a basic knowledge of key Bible stories and characters? Check out the “Great Adventures” audio CD set designed to walk your kids through the key Bible stories using a mix of child narration and storytelling and fun, catchy Bible songs.

The Perfect Quotebook - Mottos for Success Perpetual Calendar

In today's fast-paced world, taking time out for anything other than the immediate work at hand can be a challenge. Unfortunately, the times when we are busiest and get going fast are also the times we find ourselves getting short with others, feeling swamped and overwhelmed by the pressures of our everyday lives and losing track of what's really important in life.  That's when a Mottos for Success Calendar Quotebook can be a life saver, or, at the very least, a sanity saver.

How Activated Ministries is Helping Filippino Children Get an Education

Quality teaching materials and curriculums are hard to come by for daycares and preschools in low income parts of the Philippines. Since once of the best ways to fight poverty is educating our children, Activated Ministries is happy to be able to work with Jonah Bishop and his team of volunteers in the Philippines as they locate needy schools and teaching facilities for young children and donate teaching materials and the STEPS curriculum at Back to School Events.

See What Values In Education - India Has Been Up To in 2012!

Catch up on the latest updates from Values in Education in India, a holistic educational program which is focused on teaching children of all ages much needed courses on morals, character and social development. To date, over 11,500 Indian children ranging in age from Preschool to Highschool have benefited from the Values in Education program.

Computers for A School in Ghana

With the school year done or nearly done for most students, we thought we'd shine the spotlight on a very special teacher in a village school in Bosovilla, Ghana - Africa. Christie, was a college student who attended Extra Mile's Bible study program in Acra who, upon graduating college, got posted to a village in a remote area of Ghana. The school she was assigned to serves over 600 students that come from 4 villages, but teachers are scarce and supplies are even scarcer.