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Don't Miss the March 15th Deadline to Apply for a Scholarship!

Mark your calendars! The March 15th deadline to apply for an “In Recognition of Service” (IROS) scholarships for the Fall Semester 2014 is just weeks away!  In case you haven’t heard, the IROS program is designed to provide tuition assistance to longtime missionaries or their children as they pursue their educational goals and dreams. Scholarships are awarded twice a year to qualifying applicants.

What's Up with Values In Education?

If you've been following Values in Education's program, you know that the Hansons and their team have been busy over the past 3 years getting their values based libaries into children's homes, schools, library, community centers and homes for the disabled. This past year was no exception. Mark Hanson left for India in October and has been busy visiting the places where children of all ages, genders and walks of life get their education and distributing the 22 values based libaries sponsored by Activated Ministries. It doesn't stop there though.

A Big Year For the IROS Scholarship Program

With the Fall Semester wrapping up, we want to give a shout out to the 55 students who qualified for an IROS (In Recognition of Service) Scholarship this past year! You're doing great! We are so proud of each one of you who are working hard to earn degrees in a variety of fields and who are changing your part of the world both now and in the future! Keep up the good work! 

End of the Year Party at the Project Gulu School

So what does an End of the Year Christmas Party look like for the staff and kids at the Family Care Uganda school in Gulu? Believe it or not, toys or presents aren't a very big part of most Acholi celebrations, Christmas included. Most celebrations center around good food and dancing... and this party was no exception!  Here are some pictures of the food prep and of everyone having a great time eating together, followed by lively Acholi dancing and dancing to popular African music.  The kids lose their shyness when it comes to dancing.

Quotebook Agendas

With only two months left in 2013, it's time to check out our new 2014 Agendas! These beautiful agendas are available in both English and Spanish and come complete with inspirational quotes and verses to keep you focused on the positive all year long. We do have a limited supply, so get yours today as they won't last long. 

Daily Progress at Project Gulu's School for War Orphans in Uganda

If you haven't visited Project Gulu's project page, why not take a minute to catch up on the latest happenings at their school for orphans? Robyn Yamaguchi and her team have been busy as they continue building and upgrading new class rooms and staff housing, but that's just part of what they experience working in this remote area of Uganda. Click here to read more. 


9/11 - Day of Remembrance and Service

Did you know that 9/11 is a National Service Day? What better way to commemorate the 9/11 victims, survivors, and those who rose up in service in response to the attacks than by making it a day to do good and to serve others?

New Updates from the Saharaui Refugee Mission

New updates just in from Jose, Maria and the Haciendo Un Mundo Mejor team in Spain who organize an annual mission to nearly 5000 Saharaui refugees in the Sahara Desert. Although we didn't include their 16 page report of all their desert adventures, this time around these guys really had be persistent to get this mission off the ground. Shortly prior to their departure date, foreign aid workers were kidnapped in another part of the country which made it difficult for them to get approval and visas for their mission.

2014 College Scholarship Deadline is nearly here!

In case you haven't heard, our In Recognition of Service Scholarship (IROS) program is available to all children of longtime volunteers and missionaries. Our cutoffs dates are March 15 for summer and fall semesters and September 15th for Spring semesters. 

So, if you are planning on applying for funding for your 2014 Spring Semester, get your package ready today and submit it before the September 15th. Get information on the program and download the application form by clicking here. 

Showing Survivors of the 2011 Japan Tsunami They Are Not Forgotten

The enormous earthquake and subsequent tsunami that flattened large portions of the coast in Northern Japan in 2011 was a big deal when it happened. Millions of dollars of disaster relief and aid flowed in, volunteers were on hand to help and governments vowed to rebuild and restore devastated areas. Now, over 2 years later, the volunteers are mostly gone, worldwide attention is focused on the latest unfolding disasters and troubled situations and, sadly, many families and individuals who lost everything are still living in temporary housing waiting for their lives to be rebuilt.