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New 2013 Video Updates from Values in Education

Brand new documentary on the Values in Education program in 2013! Take a minute to check it out and consider pitching in with a donation to help Values In Education spread the word about the important of including a values based education along with a child's scholastic education.  Click here to watch the video!




"Learning To Fly" Prison Inmate Program - 2013

Catch up on the latest updates from Isabelle, the founder of Patricino Un Libro (Sponsor a Book) in Mexico City.  During the course of her other nonprofit work, Isabelle became aware of some of the problems facing female inmates in Mexico City prisons.

The Best 5 Minutes Spent in Your Day!

Whether you are the type that hits the ground running first thing in the morning or you sort of stumble into the day until your coffee kicks in, fitting in a quick visit with the Lord when you first get up can make all the difference in the world. The key to making it happen, even on busy days, is keeping it short and sweet.

Mother's Day Special! - Mottos for Success -- For Women!

Looking for a meaningful gift to give mom for Mother’s Day? How about giving her one of our brand new “Mottos for Success for Women?” -- the latest addition to the popular Mottos For Success inspirational calendar series?  The new Mottos for Women is specifically designed for women of all ages and has a quote, tip, proverb, verse or thoughts to reflect on for each day of the year.  These perpetual calendars are designed without a specific year printed on them so you can use it year after year.

200 and Counting!

And the kids keep coming in at the Family Care Uganda school in Gulu, Uganda. Their numbers have now reached 200 and that's just the children. The FCU school also includes a dedicated team of staff and teachers that feed, educate and care for the children day after day. 

New Spot for "The Winepress"

It's official! We have a new page for the Winepress, a monthly magazine that picks up where the Activated magazines leaves off with more in-depth Bible studies, commentary and articles relating to our lives as Christians, our relationship with the Lord and more. We also try to include a variety of articles, prayer requests, hot tips and how to's and interviews with missionaries, volunteers, project coordinators and members of the Winepress readership themselves. 

Don't Miss the March 15th Deadline to Apply for a Scholarship!

Mark your calendars! The March 15th deadline to apply for an “In Recognition of Service” (IROS) scholarships for the Fall Semester 2014 is just weeks away!  In case you haven’t heard, the IROS program is designed to provide tuition assistance to longtime missionaries or their children as they pursue their educational goals and dreams. Scholarships are awarded twice a year to qualifying applicants.

What's Up with Values In Education?

If you've been following Values in Education's program, you know that the Hansons and their team have been busy over the past 3 years getting their values based libaries into children's homes, schools, library, community centers and homes for the disabled. This past year was no exception. Mark Hanson left for India in October and has been busy visiting the places where children of all ages, genders and walks of life get their education and distributing the 22 values based libaries sponsored by Activated Ministries. It doesn't stop there though.

A Big Year For the IROS Scholarship Program

With the Fall Semester wrapping up, we want to give a shout out to the 55 students who qualified for an IROS (In Recognition of Service) Scholarship this past year! You're doing great! We are so proud of each one of you who are working hard to earn degrees in a variety of fields and who are changing your part of the world both now and in the future! Keep up the good work! 

End of the Year Party at the Project Gulu School

So what does an End of the Year Christmas Party look like for the staff and kids at the Family Care Uganda school in Gulu? Believe it or not, toys or presents aren't a very big part of most Acholi celebrations, Christmas included. Most celebrations center around good food and dancing... and this party was no exception!  Here are some pictures of the food prep and of everyone having a great time eating together, followed by lively Acholi dancing and dancing to popular African music.  The kids lose their shyness when it comes to dancing.